Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Cunningham's Life Style Questions

"On July 1, dozens of federal agents from the FBI, the IRS and the Pentagon's Defense Criminal Investigative Service conducted simultaneous raids at Cunningham's new home in Rancho Santa Fe and at Wade's home in northwest Washington. Agents also conducted searches at MZM's Washington offices and aboard the "Duke-Stir," taking away boxes of materials from each site." San Diego Union Tribune

The simultaneous raids on Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham and his benefactor Mitchell Wade of MZM, followed reports of document shredding by Wade as he was exiting MZM headquarters. Exactly what documents and or information relating to bribery or other malfeasance that federal agents discovered during these raids and subsequent August raids of the home and offices of another defense contractor with close ties to Cunningham remain the subject of a federal grand jury inquiry.

There is however a growing body of speculation regarding other items found on the boat, the Duke-Stir, where Cunningham was living on Mitchell Wade's dime. Rumors of supplies of booze sufficient to float the Duke-Stir herself and large stashes of prescription medications that appear to have been obtained via the Rush Limbaugh mode of acquisition. Also, sources tell of piles of pornography in various forms strewn around the yacht.

There are no sources willing to go on the record regarding what was found on the Duke-Stir. Maybe it was a six pack of Zima, some over the counter cold medication and the Sport Illustrated swim suit edition. But, everyone to whom I've talked, who have access to primary sources, suggest that there were staggering quantities booze, drugs and porno on board.

The final part of these rumors is the suggestion that Cunningham had a shipmate aboard the Duke-Stir. This shipmate has peaked the interest of several gay publications, which have been raising questions about Cunningham since this scandal broke in July.

Historical questions regarding Cunningham have been dredged up by blogactive.com and the Houston Voice. Both which lean heavily on a 2003 story from the Washington Blade that detailed an incident alleged to have occurred in 1995.

To be honest, I don't care what stimulants Congressman Cunningham had aboard the Duke-Stir. Aside from the hypocrisy of his photo ops with local children and the fact he once was a featured speaker at my children's Christian school chapel program, what Duke does on his own time is his own business.

But, what if Cunningham's relatively recent approach to earmarking funds and projects to a select group of defense contractors has something to do with the discovery by those contractors of Cunningham's life style? Does Cunningham's conversion from ethical wingnut to "anything for sale" pork purveyor have something to do with some pressure by others to help them or face public humiliation? Just speculation.

One final note, the first witnesses called by the Cunningham grand jury were from the yacht club where the Duke-Stir was berthed. Is that a coincidence?