Friday, August 26, 2005

Cunningham Resignation Watch - Win A T-Shirt

Words Have Power has a new feature for those who wish to play a game of chance. Pick the Day of Duke's Demise and win a Pseudo Revolution T-shirt. Of course, we are talking about the day that Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham announces his resignation from Congress, not something more sinister.

If you haven't been paying attention to the Cunningham scandal, shame on you. Read up on the details here, here and here. What the heck here, here and here, too.

All you have to do to enter is add a comment to this post with your best estimate as to the date and time when Cunningham will announce that he is resigning his position as the Representative for the 50th District in California. Both date and time must be noted to win and the time must be Pacific Daylight or Pacific Standard time, depending upon the date you select.

Also, you can help project the over/under for Duke's departure. Right now it is pegged at 10/40 - meaning that Duke will not resign within the next 10 days, but he will resign within 40 days.

We'll repost this frequently and collect the entries. The top ten dates and current odds for each will be posted in the sidebar on the right (how appropriate).

Remember you're not picking Duke's last day of work, but the day he announces that he is resigning. His last day working for the people in his district was sixteen years ago.

Disclaimer - this is not a gambling activity. It is provided by Words Have Power solely for entertainment of our readers.