Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Republicans Are Afraid of the Truth

This useless political tool is the leader of the United States. He is the image of America that we project to the world.

Bush is nothing. A rich, frat boy cheerleader, selected to be the front man for a right wing take over of the
United States.

Unfortunately, the wheels are starting to come off the whole farce and the front man is starting to sweat in public. People are asking how such and incompetent boob could become the President of the
United States.

His allies in the Republican Party are circling the wagons and trying to keep the public from seeing how bad things really are in the Bush Administration.

Today, Bush's Republican pals worked overtime to keep the truth from the American people.

Congressman Joseph Crowley has a post up at the TPM Cafe that details three separate votes today by the House International Relations Committee to pretend that the Downing Street Memo was never written.

"The tragedy is that the American public will never know what really happened because this decision was made during a meeting of the International Relations Committee when members voted along largely partisan lines to kill three pieces of legislation that would have required the White House to release the documents that led to the Downing Street Memo."

At the same time Republicans in the Senate were voting down an attempt to establish a non-partisan commission to look into the circumstances and failures of all levels of government in the hurricane Katrina disaster. AmericaBlog has the details and contact information for each of the 54 Republican Senators who voted against an independent fact finding effort.

"76% of Americans want an independent bipartisan commission, like the one that investigated the 9/11 attacks, to investigate what went wrong. In fact, according to the same poll, Americans of all stripes, Republicans and Democrats, are united behind their support for such a commission (64% of all Republicans and 83% of all Democrats want a commission) even though they were aware that the Republicans in Congress are doing their own biased and partisan investigation.

So why did every Republican US Senator (save the Senator from Louisiana, who simply didn't vote) vote AGAINST forming this independent, bipartisan commission to investigate what went so horribly wrong, and to find out how we avoid an even larger catastrophe the next time Osama attacks a major American city with a chemical, biological or nuclear bomb?"

The name and address of each Republican Senator is listed in John's post. Drop them all a note if you have the time. Ask them why they are afraid of an independent review of what happened? Ask them why they are afraid for the American people to hear what happened? Ask them why they are protecting the most incompetent President in our history?