Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Fightin' Democrats - Screw the Environment

What with the new spirit among Democratic politicians there is no reason for Orcinus to be concerned is there? Is there? Come on Democrats, with ANWR drilling on its way, isn't it time to gut the Environment Protection Act? Per the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

"As Congress returns from its August recess, environmentalists and property-rights activists are focused on Rep. Richard Pombo, a California rancher who is chairman of the House Resources Committee. Later this month, Pombo is expected to introduce legislation to overhaul the 32-year-old Endangered Species Act, with House passage expected by year's end.

A draft of the bill that leaked earlier this summer "was comprehensive in trying to undo what's been done over the last 30 years" to protect endangered species, said Patti Goldman, Seattle-based lawyer for the Earthjustice law firm.

Before Pombo was tapped by Republican leaders to head the Resources Committee, he was one of the most virulent attackers of the landmark law. For example, Pombo in 1995 accused the "arrogant" U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service of trying "to make California farmers vassals of the federal government" by enforcing the statute."

Any Democrat's in Congress going to try and stop the Republicans? Anyone.....Anyone.....

If Bush had a negative approval rating, I mean a rating below 0 (zero), a fucking negative number (one with a minus sign in front of it), we would be hard pressed to find a Democrat willing to stand up and do something to protect the environment.

They have done nothing for five years; they aren't going to start now. Are they?