Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Fighting Democrats - What A Joke!

The Carpetbagger Report talks about a new fighting spirit among Democratic politicians. I think that it is wishful thinking to believe that Democratic politicians will develop anything like a set of cajones anytime in the near future.

Carpetbagger quotes The Hill:

"This week, [
Nancy] Pelosi will lead the Democratic assault once again, scheduling at least three events on key issues on which Democrats charge the GOP has faltered. Democrats also will continue to raise questions about the Republican management of the federal government at a time when many Americans are looking for assistance."

Oh boy, Nancy and the crew are going to point out that the Republicans have been doing a bad job. Newsflash Nancy, the same polls that show the President's approval ratings down, show the ratings for Congress to be as bad.

And, if Democrats don't have something more to offer than to say that the Republicans are doing a bad job, public perception of Congress is going to get worse, not better.

These so called "fightin' Democrats" are rolling over for the Roberts nomination.

I don't see any "fightin' Democrats" in the media demanding (yes, demanding) an independent investigation of the Federal response to Katrina.

The freaking dickhead, President Bush, took responsibility today for some little piece of the Katrina disaster.

I didn't hear Fightin' Joe Lieberman take responsibility for the pass he gave the completely unqualified Michael Brown during Lieberman's hearings into Brown's appointment to FEMA.

Where is Fightin' Joe Biden now that it is apparent that the Bush Bankruptcy Bill that Biden so effectively supported looks like it will crush the poor and homeless left in Katrina's wake?

And, as I live in
California's 50th Congressional District, represented by Randy ""Duke" Cunningham, why hasn't a single on of these supposedly empowered and confident "fightin' Democrats calling for an Ethics Committee investigation of Cunningham?

I don't see any more courage from the Democrats than I saw when the stampeded to sign on to the Patriot Act or when they lined up to support Bush's invasion of

A bunch of wimps.