Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Democracy for America

Help Democrat Francine Busby in her campaign to represent the people of California's 50th Congressional District. Busby is actively running for the seat currently held by Republican Corruption Poster Boy Randy "Duke" Cunningham. Duke is resigning at the end of this term to focus on staying out of jail and Busby is in a great position in this traditionally Republican district.

CA-50 covers much of North San Diego County. The district is moderate and polls show that when voters hear Busby's message they respond positively.

There are about a dozen potential Republican challengers for this seat. So far the key announced challengers include Howard Kaloogian of Move American Forward fame and Bill Morrow, who recently held an anti-immigration rally featuring Representative Tom Tancredo and Minuteman Project Founder, Jim Gilchrist.

Busby needs your help. She is a finalist for funding by the Democracy for America project.

Please use the following link and vote for Busby. If Busby wins this competition for Democracy for America funds, she will be able to increase her campaign activity and improve her name recognition in the district well in advance of next year's election.

With your support, Francine can hang Duke Cunningham around the neck of her Republican challengers and beat back hate mongering fanatics like Kaloogian and Morrow.

This race is a one of the great opportunities for Democrats in the 2006 election.