Monday, September 19, 2005

We Can All Make A Difference

Allison in Seattle has posted this several places. I'm going to print the whole thing and give you the links to a couple of sites. Make a comment.... NO, make a difference.

What did you do this week, to Make the World a Better Place?

And I mean that in the most empowering way possible. I know you did *something*. You:

--gave up one driving trip,
--gave money to Hurricane Relief,
--volunteered at a shelter,
--helped a senior neighbor,
--conserved water,
--smiled at everyone you met....

If Dems are roughly 50% of the people in this country, think of the power we have to change the setting we live in! When I first thought of this diary, the reality of that smacked me in the head.

What if, for instance, 50% of the population drives 10% less? What if I make the sacrifice (!) to start going to Costco in my neighbors' van on their Saturday morning ritual? What if?

Let's close out the week with this. Not what our problems are (geez we read about that everywhere) let's discuss what we're accomplishing. If we list everyone's small contributions, the individual efforts will appear for what they are -- part of a mighty stream of positive action.

I'll lead off below. Please, take a chance, join in.

Come on, folks, let's uplift and empower each other. If 10 or 100 of us post here about what we DID do to -- literally -- make our world a better place, we'll feel a ray of hope.

A justified ray of hope.

You can add you actions to Allison's list at My Left Wing or Daily Kos.

Can 50 million people make a difference?