Friday, September 02, 2005

Goin' to comfort some folks.............

How about a big ol' hug from the President? I know your house, business and car are underwater and I think I saw you sister's body floating down the river in a picture in the LA Times this morning, but here's a hug, anyway. Now smile so we can get this dang picture taken.

Speaking of photo ops, do you think that there's a crew of firemen or helicopter pilots or some other relief workers standing by with a bullhorn in
Biloxi or even New Orleans? It worked once, I'm sure Bush's handlers will try it again. As long as he doesn't promise to bring back Osama, "dead or alive," he should do OK.

Digby and Daryn Kagen on the same page regarding Bush's phony-baloney photo op with his crew of screw-ups. "Brownie, your doin' a heck of a job!"

Digby asks a question that is on all our minds?

"Is it really appropriate for all these disaster officials to be on television pretending to be 'briefing' the president (who is dressed in his campaign costume) so that he can appear to be engaged in the problem?"

While. according to AmericaBlog, over at CNN, Rush's main squeeze strays off the reservation and pretends to be a journalist.

"I gotta say that was rather an odd thing to be watching. The president finally making it to the gulf coast after five days, and then spending a big chunk of time, when he could be out seeing the devastation, getting a briefing that frankly he could have gotten back at the White House, if not then, then on board Air Force One."

Rush is going to be pissed at Daryn when she gets home.