Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Frantic Energy...Caffeine Is Once Again Good For You!

Why don't I read 3 Quarks Daily, daily?

"Whatever Iraq is - a blunder, a miscalculation, one of the greatest policy failures in American history, a bodge, a failed humanitarian intervention, or, for what it's worth, my own personal view, a tragedy - whatever Iraq is, we know what it is not: something to be proud of. War, even a just or defensible war, is never that. War is a cart of severed limbs. In the logic of the war party, war "transforms," it "liberates"; there are "good wars" as well as bad wars. Only people who know nothing about war can use these words. There is only one criterion for a just war: is it necessary? But there is no good war."

Why have I not let the Light of Reason shine into my life?

"This is the kind of occasion for which crude language was…er, designed. Indeed, the occasion positively demands it. The entire spectacle is almost enough to make me finally believe in God."

Why have I not admitted before now, that occasionally I wander over to Go Fug Yourself. I just can't help myself. It is much like the need to rubberneck at an accident site.

"It was only seven years ago that Eva was Miss Corpus Christi. Ergo, her strutting onstage in a complex, confusing bathing suit looking every inch like a pageant princess -- not to mention the fact that she'll do anything for attention, and seriously, WHAT is going on with her hair? -- is not, in fact, terribly surprising. More shocking would have been her showing up in pants and a sweater, without makeup, while loudly declaring herself celibate. Now there's a jaw-dropper."
(Photo reference is here.)

Last admission, when I really want to know how things work, I check out Layer 9. The posts here are infrequent, but when they appear, it is like a gold nugget dropped from the sky.

For example, there is this study of the Federal debt, corrected for inflation, that shows that despite WWII and Vietnam, it wasn't until Ronald Reagan that America become a debtor nation.

This is good stuff and you can't find this and string theory and why missile defense won't work on Fox News, CNN or PBS.

Of course, you can't beat string theory for riveting reading. Clue:String theory is the basis of the whole Flying Spaghetti Monster religion. That whole story is about to break wide open.