Saturday, August 27, 2005

Fire the Lying Bastards

Democratic Veteran links us to a post at the DCCC weblog by Stirling Newberry, titled simply, "You're Fired!"

Read it and share it with other. Here are a few highlights:

"The Republicans rode into power in the off-year elections of 1994, promising that they would reform Congress. They pointed to scandals, and argued that the real problem was that Congress exempted itself from the rules everyone else had to play by.


"Now 10 years later on, the emptiness of that promise has become obvious to more and more Americans. The approval numbers of the Republican leaders in Congress, and Congress itself, are now below 30%, mirroring the decline in George Bush's popularity.


"For decades Republicans promised that if they got in charge, they could do more with less because of all of the Democratic "waste, fraud and abuse". Instead, under the undivided government of Bush, DeLay and Frist, budget deficits have ballooned, and billions have turned up missing or unaccounted for in Iraq. The Republican leadership promised a Congress that would be run like a business. However, it seems safe to say that if a business were run the way Congress is, it would be under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

"But incompetence is only the start, corruption in the Republican leadership is also becoming increasingly obvious. And step by step corruption has been revealed that rockets to the highest levels of the Republican Party leadership


"The tragedy is that the Republican Congress has really been about vandalizing the checks and balances in Congress itself... It used to be that there were deliberative mechanisms built into the House and Senate rules - these have, one by one, been tossed aside. This is great if you want to hammer through unpopular legislation early in the morning, but not so good for accountability to the people.


"Now ask yourself, if you did the job your boss hired you for as badly as Tom DeLay has done the job you've hired him for, wouldn't you be looking at a pink slip?

"So what's stopping you from giving Tom Delay his?

Admit it, it is time to send a simple message to a bunch that has the biggest payroll in the world, and still can't break even:

"You're fired!"

There is lots more to Newberry's post, plus excellent links. Read it for yourself.