Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Duke...Time to Go

John Van Doorn asks the obvious Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham question in today's North County Times :

"...when is Duke Cunningham going to face up to the reality of his situation and quit his congressional post?"

Van Doorn suggests that Cunningham's ability to represent his constituents is compromised beyond repair by the distractions of his potential criminal proceedings.

"It's just a mess, with the FBI and the IRS leading the investigations into his behavior and spasmodically raiding his property and that of assorted business acquaintances and friends.


There are new revelations almost daily about Cunningham and his wheeling and dealing.

Get out, Duke. If you are cleared, fine. But until then, and that is obviously a long way off, let somebody unencumbered by suspicion take the seat."

Good advice, not something to which Cunningham appears to listen.