Thursday, July 21, 2005

Incompetent, Arrogant, Stupid, Liar...

One Word For Bush

The Washington Post has a small article on a Pew survey(scroll down the article). The survey asked 751 people to respond with the first word that came to their mind to describe President Bush.

The top three responses:

1. Honest 4% (31)
2. Incompetent 3% (26)
3. Arrogant 3% (24)

"Liar", "stupid" and "idiot" made strong showings, but so did "good" and "integrity" and "determined".
Overall, the impressions were slightly more negative than positive, with 40 percent using words Pew interpreted as derogatory toward Bush and 36 percent using ones it classified as favorable. Twelve percent were neutral. The remainder did not answer or said they did not know. The numbers are about the same as those in the Pew survey in February.
It is interesting that another 12% of the public can't think of a single word that describes Bush. Or, maybe they are afraid to use that kind of language to a stranger.