Saturday, September 16, 2006

Brian Bilbray - Elected for Life

Brian Bilbray apparently regards his election in the CA-50 to be more of a lifetime appointment. He may be right. I think that the voters in the Republican heavy district would have re-elected convicted Republican felon Randy "Duke" Cunningham had prison not forced him to move out of the district.

Funny thing, at least Cunningham lived in the district. He even took part on one of the favorite past times of district residents, real estate speculation. Brian Bilbray on the other hand never lived in the North County, nor does he live in the district he supposedly represents now. Brian Bilbray lives in Virginia, just as he has done for years.

Bilbray has already indicated that he is going to vote with President Bush right down the line. His only dissent will be to take a tougher stand on immigration; a stand he knows will never be put into practices. It's the perfect wedge issue for Bilbray in the 50th District. Vote for endless war - check. Vote to invade Iran - check. Vote to trash the Constitution - check.

Last week Bilbray dismissed Democratic challenger, Francine Busby's request for a series of debates with this comment:
Bilbray on Thursday said sarcastically that he would do his best to see that Busby gets "face time with me, as long as she agrees the debates can be done in English."
Maybe its time for the voters in CA-50 to wake up and realize that Brian Bilbray isn't just a rubber stamp for the worst president and congress in American history, but he is also pretty much a jerk.