Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Daily Double at Democratic Veteran

Over at the Veteran site, Jo Fish, hit the daily double with these two posts.

On Bill Kristol and Rich Lowry his insight into the chicken hawk mindset is brilliant:
Brilliant fucking strategists that they are, no one can tell those two know-it-alls that winning the battle is not the same as winning the war.

Certainly none of Kristol or Lowry's relatives will be among the increased numbers of troops, should escalation become a reality. Neither will any with the surnames Frist, Bush, Delay, Hastert, Santorum or legions of other war-mongering republicans/Neo-Cons.

And, this on the fear mongering of the Bush Administration:

We survived several decades of having thousands of thermonuclear-tipped missiles and bombers loaded with multi-megaton bombs pointed at every city in America. The Soviets could have killed us all at least ten times over, we'd have been so dead, they'd have had to dig up our ancestors and incinerated them twice more to make all that destruction meaningful.

But now, thanks to the fear-mongering, morally-bankrupt republicans we're afraid of brown people with water bottles at airports.

Check out the Vet he is on a roll.