Saturday, September 02, 2006

We Need Katherine Harris

There is a some evidence that Florida Republicans might actually be starting to see Katherine Harris as she really is - an unstable, wacko who might be clinically mentally ill. Despite that, Harris still looks like she will win the Florida Republican senatorial nomination.
Three polls released this week all put Harris, 49, at least 16 percentage points ahead of her three Republican rivals. But with two of the challengers closing in on her, and the share of undecided voters larger than her advantage, analysts say the contest for the party's nomination is far from over.
Democrats need Harris in the public eye, for comic relief if nothing else. What other Republican candidates might think, Harris says out loud. She is the real face of the Republican party.
...the latest controversy stirred up by Harris — an interview she gave to the Florida Baptist State Convention for its weekly journal in which she deemed the separation of church and state "a lie we have been told" and "so wrong because God is the one who chooses our rulers." She also told the Florida Baptist Witness that only Christians should serve in Congress because otherwise it will "legislate sin."
I thought that it was Katherine Harris who chose George Bush as our ruler in 2000. Does that mean that she thinks she is God? Or is she just one of his agents here on earth?