Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sometimes the Voices In Your Head Aren't God

Note to Representative Katherine Harris (FL-13): The voice you hear inside your head isn't God talking. Undaunted by polls that show her trailing, once vunerable Democratic Senator Bill Nelson, by something like 50 percentage points, Harris says that God told her the He wants her to be a senator.

Former top political adviser Ed Rollins said Harris told him, "God wants me to be a senator."

Rollins, a nationally known veteran GOP operative who left the campaign in March, said he responded, "Maybe God wants you to run because he wants Bill Nelson to be senator."

If God wants Harris in the Unites States Senate, it must be for comic relief.

But, this isn't the first political office to which Harris ascribes a divine motivation. When, as Florida's Secretary of State she insured George Bush's electoral victory in Florida, she compared herself to Biblical ruler, Queen Esther.

As overseer of state elections, Harris was set up to become the central figure in the frenzied 2000 Florida presidential election recount, which made George Bush president by 537 votes.

Harris, one of several Florida Bush campaign co-chairs, made several crucial decisions that tended to impede manual county recounts Democrats thought could boost Al Gore's vote total.

She maintains steadfastly that she simply followed the law throughout.

Harris wrote that she was inspired during the recount by the Queen Esther story, and quotes scripture suggesting that God put Esther in power so she could prevent a massacre of her people:

"And who knows," Esther's father says, "but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?"

Lots of times, when people hear voices in their heads telling them to do bad things, they blame God for the results. Harris clearly falls into that population of nut cases and Republican politicians.