Thursday, September 07, 2006

Busby Reasonable on Hardball...Nobody Wants Reasonable

Bluestate has a good piece on the joint appearance of Democrat Francine Busby and carpetbagging lobbyist Brian Bilbray (CA-50) on Hardball. As this YouTube link shows, Busby has a more coherent, nuanced and intelligent take on key issue of illegal immigration than does Bilbray.

The problem is that the issue of illegal immigration doesn't have a coherent, nuanced, intelligent audience in San Diego or the 50th congressional district. I think that within the district, the vast majority of resident and voters understand that the solution to this issue is going to be a complex multifaceted compromise that will leave everyone somewhat dissatisfied.

Despite that clear understanding, Busby's message is not what people want to hear. Just like the most liberal among us enjoy the moral clarity of Dirty Harry asking a low-life to "go on, make my day," people long for a different solution to the crisis of illegal immigration.

The bottom-line is that Busby can't beat Bilbray on immigration. No matter how intelligent her arguments. No matter how valid her points. People understand that the solution to this problem isn't going to be mass deportations and the devastation of the California economy. Knowing that, they still just want to hear a politician pretend to be Dirty Harry.

If Busby wants to win in the CA-50, she needs to attack Bilbray for his mindless support of George Bush's adventure in Iraq and his abandonment of any effort to bring those responsible for 9/11 to justice.