Saturday, August 12, 2006

Did I Miss Something?

The Ned Lamont thing has been filling up all the tubes on the lefty internets lately. Apparently, when one Democrat defeats another Democrat in a primary, that is the cue for great rejoicing in the lefty blogsphere.

When I look around, I see our country be run by a cabal of right wing extremists, who are a terrorist attack away from turning the United States into a one party dictatorship.

The joy shown across the so called "progressive" spectrum at the defeat of Joe Lieberman has to be tempered with the understanding that the defeat of Lieberman was the equivalent of say the defeat of Henri P├ętain as the leader of the Vichy government.

Two facts that people I respect greatly in the progressive grass roots seem to be overlooking:

1. Republicans are still winning re-election (examples CA-50, CA-48 or OH-2) and men like Jerry Lewis (CA-41), John Doolittle (CA-4) and Dick Pombo (CA-11) are all looking at being re-elected in November, even if they are indicted before then.

2. Joe Lieberman is very likely to be re-elected to the Senate for six more years, free of any contraints to support any aspect of the Democratic or progressive agenda in congress.

Before we open the champagne perhaps we should find a way to get the Democratic Party back in power.