Sunday, July 30, 2006

Jenna Bush - Look At This

Tomorrow over at One Pissed Off Veteran, Farnsworth will again remind us that despite George Bush's love of war - for democracy's sake - his own military age children are busy pursuing the life of the idle and self-indulgent rich.

Maybe Farnsworth will point out that Senator John McCain's youngest son just enlisted in the Marines and is likely to be deployed in Iraq before the end of the year.

In 2000, George Bush and the lying sacks of crap that make up his inner circle, worked diligently to destroy their then rival, John McCain. The spread the rumor that former Vietnam War POW, McCain was unstable. That his adopted African daughter, Bridget, was his own illegitimate love child.

In other words, the Bush propaganda machine did everything it could to destroy John McCain by attacking his strengths. He was a war hero, who spent years in North Vietnam captivity, while their candidate was AWOL from his National Guard unit. So, attack him for being a hero and a captive. John McCain and his wife had adopted a child from Africa, an act of real compassion. So, attack his by suggesting that his black child was from an illicit affair.

I don't really like John McCain as a politician. I disagree with him on virtually every key position. But, unlike the current Republican in the White House, I do believe that John McCain is a man of integrity. Integrity that he appears to have passed on to his children.