Saturday, July 22, 2006

President Pure Evil

The other day President Morally Bankrupt surrounded himself with children as he vetoed the wishes of the American people to see more federal funding for stem cell research. Is there a more transparently evil, morally corrupt person on this planet than George Bush?

While our cowardly president was hiding behind children, it would be interesting to hear how things were going for children in free, democratic Iraq.

Invoking the sanctity of human life, George Bush wielded the presidential veto for the first time in his presidency to halt US embryonic stem cell research in its tracks. He even paraded one-year-old Jack Jones, born from one of the frozen embryos that can now never be used for federally funded research, and talked of preventing the "taking of innocent human life". How hollow that sounds to Iraqis.

While Iraqi parents contemplate the bleak future for their children, George Bush pretends to give a damn for frozen embryos. While frozen embryos are safe (until disposed per standard lab procedure), the children of Lebanon come under artillery fire. The photos below are George Bush's legacy.

In Lebanon, George Bush's concern for children doesn't garner him any votes from the religious right, so it's "bombs away!"

Don't these children deserve as much consideration from George Bush as the bi-product of fertility clinics' efforts?

Photos from Lebanon from here. Warning: These are the photos I could deal with. This site shows the real face of Israel's war on the Lebanese people.