Monday, July 10, 2006

More CA-50 Recount Foolishness

The CA-50 congressional special election wasn't stolen. It was given away by the DCCC and the failure of the Democratic Party to get out the vote. The fact that Diebold machines sat at polling places overnight didn't cause Democrat Francine Busby to lose to Republican lobbyist Brian Bilbray.

Busby's slip of the lip, "you don't need papers to vote," didn't help her campaign. Nor did her weak commercials and those of the DCCC. Simply put the Busby campaign failed to get Democrats and independents to the polls is sufficient numbers. The failure of the Busby campaign to follow-up on Bilbray's South Bay political career or exploit his Virginia residency certainly didn't help either.

The idea of spending $100K or more to do a full recount of the CA-50 vote is ludicrous. Particularly, as Busby's fundraising profile has been damage by her loss to Bilbray. That money might be better spent registering Latino voters in the district informing them of Bilbray's position to criminalize their support of family members in the country illegally.