Saturday, July 08, 2006

Bilbray Begins to Pay His Debts

Congressman/Lobbyist Brian Bilbray (CA-50) began to pay off his campaign debts in earnest on Friday. He asked Encinitas city council member, Christy Guerin, to join his staff as his district director. Guerin, who is identified as the mayor of Encinitas, due to the fact that the mayor's title is rotated through the city council was an earlier supporter of Bilbray. Guerin sent letters to Encinitas voters supporting Bilbray during the campaign and one of her children worked in Bilbray's campaign as a volunteer.

The Encinitas city council is one of the most disfunctional city leadership teams in San Diego County and Guerin who has served two terms on the council has been at the heart of some real bizarre decisions by the group. Guerin hasn't held a full time job since 1990, when she left the county sheriffs department due to an injury. So now, as a political plum for her support, she has an $85,000 a year job speaking for Bilbray in the 50th district.

The good news, unlike Virginia resident Bilbray, Guerin actually lives in the 50th district.