Friday, July 07, 2006

Brent Wilkes - Tax Cheat

Brent Wilkes' business enterprises continue to refuse to pay property taxes. Wilkes owes over $300K in back taxes on his flagship ADCS Inc. facility in San Diego County. This is the same facility where Wilkes feted his pal, Congressman John Doolittle (CA-4) back in 2003. At that fundraiser, Doolittle's wife Julie got a 15% cut in all of the funds donated to her husband's campaign.

Back to Wilkes, the North County Times reports that Wilkes' umbrella company Al Dust Incorporated is 18 months in arrears and owes the County Tax Assessor $309,487.

Property taxes for the defense firm owned by Brent Wilkes, an alleged key co-conspirator in the bribery case of former U.S. Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham,
now exceed $300,000 and are mounting by $4,000 a month.Wilkes also was reported Thursday to be the target of an ongoing grand jury investigation of his alleged bribes to Cunningham and dealings with other federal lawmakers.

That amount is growing by $4,081 each month because of a 1.5 percent monthly penalty applied to delinquent taxes, McAllister said.The property on Stowe Drive that houses ADCS remains for sale but there is no record of any pending deal, McAllister said, adding that the back taxes would have to be paid before any such transaction would be approved.

Wilkes may just not have enough time to open his mail considering the number of investigations to which he is a party, including a grand jury of his very own looking into his dealings with convicted Republican felon Randy "Duke" Cunningham, Doolittle, Jerry Lewis (CA-41), Duncan Hunter (CA-52) and other senior Republicans.