Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Katherine Harris - "so incompetent she can't be bribed"

OK. It's not the best slogan around, but the Harris campaign doesn't have much going for it. Harris can't possible give every potential voter in Florida a lap dance, so she has do try to find some positive character trait or accomplishment she can communicate.

Before President Bush's popularity went in the tank, Harris could take credit for helping him steal the 2000 Presidential Election with her unethical and illegal work as both a member of Bush's campaign and Florida's Secretary of State. But, with Bush in the tank and no experienced staff left to run her campaign, Harris may have to run on this:
"I think Mitch [Wade] made a mistake in trying to bribe Harris," a Capitol Hill source says, chuckling. "She's so incompetent she can't be bribed."
Vanity Fair gives Harris her due in a story about her involvement with convicted serial briber, Mitchell Wade.

"So incompetent she can't be bribed." Ahhh, Republicans.