Friday, May 05, 2006

Porter Goss - Could It Be The Hookers?

Porter Goss bails out. Why? So far the traditional media is spinning while being spun.

The initial AP story says Goss’ departure is part of the on-going White House shake-up. Which is, of course, the spin that is being put out by….the White House.

The reality: Porter Goss is enmeshed in Brent Wilkes and Duke Cunningham’s Hookergate scandal. The traditional media has been ignoring the Hookergate story, which has been out in the blogosphere since those ink stained wretches at the Wall Street Journal pried open Brent Wilkes’ Watergate (and later Westin) “hospitality suites.”

Let’s face it, if George Tenant had resigned as Bill Clinton’s CIA Director without warning on a Friday afternoon, don’t you think that Ken Starr would have had Tenant’s office sealed within 15 minutes and have been holding a press conference within a half an hour to discuss the Whitewater implications.

Note to traditional media: It’s the hookers! Check it out.