Sunday, May 07, 2006

OK....It's The Hookers and Incompetence

Kid Oakland (always on his game), points to the alarmingly diminished state of our country's intelligence gathering and analysis capability. Despite all of the commissions and reports, the United States today has less capacity to follow events in key foreign countries than it had before 9/11. The only place wherethe Bush Administration has developed a more extensive spy network is in our own country. And, the architect of the NSA domestic spying program is set to become the head of the CIA.
To abuse a phrase.....something is rotten in the state of U.S. Intelligence. The challenge facing this country is to determine what exactly the Bush/Cheney administration is cooking up behind the scenes with the DNI and exactly how far the freefall at the CIA has gone. What would a "health report" of the nation's intelligence read in May of 2006? It's long past time to open the windows and have a thorough accounting and Congressional oversight.
Congressional oversight. That phrase is vaguely familiar. I know it used to mean something.