Wednesday, May 10, 2006

CA-50 Bilbray's New Challenge From The Right

The 50th District soap opera continues today. Eric Roach’s decision to “stand down” his campaign in the June Republican primary has compelled fellow conservative and special election candidate, Bill Hauf, to contemplate an aggressive campaign against Brian Bilbray in the primary.

Hauf was among the conservative also-rans in April’s 50th District special election. He garnered just 1.6% of the total votes, well behind Roach, Howard Kaloogian and Bill Morrow, the conservative trioka that insured Bilbray’s victory by stealing votes from each other.

After the election, Hauf encouraged Roach to challenge Bilbray in the primary. Hauf was part of Roach’s entourage when he visited with key right wing leaders in Washington. Last week, Hauf released a poll that he had commissioned projecting that Democrat Francine Busby would beat Bilbray in the June congressional election run-off.

With Roach officially sidelined, congressional news source, Roll Call, says Hauf will announce his intentions by the end of the week and that he says that he is leaning heavily toward “aggressively running.” You can read the full Roll Call article here.

If he runs, Hauf says his will be a campaign “unlike any other campaign people have seen in the 50th District.”

We can’t wait, Bill. Let the fun begin.