Sunday, April 16, 2006

Bush Says "Screw You!" To National Parks

The Bush Adminstration continues its assault on America's natural treasures, the National Park system. Their message to the hundreds of millions who visit the parks each year - "screw you and the environment you rode in on."
The Bush administration has ordered America's national parks to show they can function at 80 percent or less of their operating budgets, and that's forcing some parks to cut services for visitors as summer approaches.
Administration apologist say that the Bush Administrations is working to make the park system more efficient. What a load of crap. internal Park Service analysis of the initiative that was provided to Knight Ridder says “there is no analysis of effectiveness – efficiency was primarily defined as reducing costs.” The memo concludes that the initiative “is less of a planning tool to manage effectiveness or efficiency but more of a tool to reduce cost.”
While Democrats fiddle, the Republicans rape, plunder and destroy.