Monday, February 27, 2006

Why Would Anyone Give to Santorum's "Charity"?

Down With Tyranny minces few words in speaking of Republican Senator Rick Santorum's little charity, the Operation Good Neighbor Foundation.
But on top of all this, we now find out, courtesy of the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, that Santorum was running one of those fake Republican charities (just like Abramoff, DeLay, Frist and other crooks currently in limbo between plea bargaining and prison terms).

What Little Ricky Man-on-Dog was doing, while we thought all he cared about was trying to ruin the lives of gay men and women, was collecting money (tax-free, of course; the Republican way) that was supposed to go to charity but instead using the bulk of it as political pay-offs for his aides and cronies.
I spent some time looking at the Operation Good Neighbor Foundation's IRS Form 990's and frankly, I can't figure why anyone would give money to this scam. Santorum's "charity" has a nearly 60% overhead ratio, leaving just 40% of the million plus it has taken in to distribute to organizations in need of contributions.

If Santorum believes in these charities, why doesn't he just use his office to encourage contributions? That would certainly insure that a lot more money would get to these organizations than it would laundering the money through Santorum.

Of course if Santorum simply endorsed these organizations, then he wouldn't be able to participate in the photo opportunities created when he calls a press conference to hand a check over to that organization. And, the charity never misses the 60% cut that Santorum takes to supplement his political aides' pay. The charity never misses the huge cut that Santorum's fund raiser takes from the charity proceeds despite the fact that the main contributors to Operation Good Neighbor are the same contributors that give to Santorum either directly or through his PAC.

Why would anyone concerned for the welfare of the organizations that Operation Good Neighbor supports pass their contributions to those organizations through Santorum's little scam? Unless, the charity they were really supporting was Senator Rick Santorum. Then, all of a sudden, Operation Good Neighbor has a 60% pass-through rate, which is acceptable for a charity and not bad for a money laundry.