Sunday, February 26, 2006

Magic Trick Revealed

As mid-term elections loom, all that Republicans have to run on is their projection of a "tough on terror" image. An image that is based on illusion. The last week has demonstrated that their "tough on terror" image is simply a parlor trick. It has no substance or reality. Like all tricks it relies on the desire of it audience to suspend belief, to be easily distracted and accept what they are shown without question.

The UAE port deal has torn away the veil of illusion and exposed the Bush Administration and its Republican enablers for the frauds they are.

Over at AmericaBlog, John Aravosis takes away the Bushite's shiny distractions and shows us why Bush and his cronies keep using the same trick to fool the American people.

The Republican leadership in Washington, that controls the US Senate, the US House and the White House, believes that money comes before safety, that helping corporate interests is more important than keeping America safe.

Just look at Iraq. It's been one big corporate feeding frenzy from the beginning, and who has benefitted the most, Dick Cheney's energy company. And now that it's a choice between protecting America's ports from terrorists trying to sneak in nuclear bombs, a deal that even the US Department of Homeland Security objected to, George Bush steps in with his Republican congressional enablers and says there's suddenly no problem handing over the safety of our families, our children, our nation to a middle eastern country that had ties to, and financially enabled, the September 11 attacks.
But, BushCo and his illusions have more problems than illumination from progressives. The nearly extinct species of Republican known as "conservatives" has decided to stop pretending to enjoy watching Bush and Karl Rove pull the same dead rabit out of the same old hat and are suggesting the the whole Iraqi distraction has been a blunder from the beginning.

On Friday, the head wizard of conservativism, William F. Buckley (no, he's still alive) said of Iraq that
"our mission has failed."

This morning, Bill Kristol, chief shill of the Bush Administration, told Fox News that
"we have not had a serious three-year effort to fight a war in Iraq."

When the two blind Bills begin to see through you illusions, it is time to fold up the magic show and move to another town.