Saturday, December 31, 2005

Doolittle - Oddsmakers Step In

Representative John Doolittle (CA-4) doesn't approve of gambling, but that isn't stopping folks from putting together some action on Jack Abramoff's expected plea deal with the feds. Politics1 puts the odds on Doolittle's retirement in the face of an on-going investigation of both he and his wife (and chief fund raiser) at 1 in 3.

“There must be lots of very nervous people on Capitol Hill this weekend -- elected officials and key GOP staffers alike. According to numerous news sources, indicted Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff's lawyers and federal prosecutors in Miami have reportedly agreed upon nearly all the terms of a plea deal. Both sides met briefly with the federal judge on the case on Friday to go over some key elements of the deal. They are expected to formally announce the completed plea deal on Tuesday. In related news, Congressman John Doolittle (R-CA) appears now to actually be one of the purported targets of the investigation.”

2006 is beginning to look like something less than a Happy New Year for Doolittle and his fellow Abramoff disciples.