Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Bush Can't Hide Forever

President Bush's terror at the prospect of having to face Cindy Sheehan is really not much of a news story. President Bush is an immoral coward and the thought of being held accountable for his actions is the thing he fears the most. Nothing new here.

The question that Cindy Sheehan wants to ask the President is pretty simple, but it is one for which George Bush has no answer. According to the Guardian Unlimited, Ms. Sheehan only wants to know this,

"I want to ask him why did my son die? What was this noble cause you talk about? And if the cause is so noble, when are you going to send your daughters over there and let somebody else's son come home?"

I think the only way to look at the President's position in this story is throught the eyes of a organization like Unconfirmed Sources. Since the MSM will not call President Bush out for the coward that he is, that task is left to satire.

Texas station KHOU is reporting that officials have informed Ms. Sheehan that if she doesn't leave by Thursday, August 9th, she will be considered to be a "Threat to the President." Since Mr. Bush is apparently too afraid to let Ms. Sheehan get within five miles of him it is difficult to assess her actual ability to cause the President any real harm. There is however, one possibility: President Bush had been planning to stroll down the roadside ditch that County Sheriff Kenneth Vanek forced Ms. Sheehan and her friends into on Saturday and is worried Ms. Sheehan will scratch him with a tumbleweed. Those things can really hurt.”

[...]It must be strange for President Bush, a man who has cultivated the flinty eyed look of a no nonsense Texas lawman with assiduity of a Hollywood actor, to be frightened of meeting with a forty eight year old woman who's spent the last few days crawling through a ditch. But that seems to be the only explanation.”

The behavior of the President of the United States is an embarrassment to every American.