Monday, August 08, 2005

The Hackett Effect

Check out "the buzz"

Two weeks ago, you couldn't get a newspaper reporter or columnist in San Diego County to mention that there was a viable Democratic congressional candidate running for Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham's abandoned seat. Cunningham as we all know has moved on to become the poster boy for Republican Corruption in Congress. He and Tom Delay make quite a pair.

The county's Republican Party chairman was openly boasting that the 50th District would never elect anyone but a Republican. He so much as said that a barely breathing Republican would beat anyone the Democrats could muster (including Thomas Jefferson and extending through at least Harry Truman).

Well, it seems that maybe the opinion makers are beginning to take notice that there is a new wind blowing in San Diego. Locals are tired of scandal from the San Diego City Hall to the halls of Congress. Duke Cunningham's emerging bribery and influence peddling case has soured a lot of moderate Republicans in his district. And, it was a district that didn't really see eye to eye with Duke on a number of key issues to begin with.

Today, San Diego Union Tribune columnist, Logan Jenkins, wrote an extremely positive column about Francine Busby, pointing out that she has emerged as the candidate with the the positive buzz.

"[Busby is] a suburban Everywoman, the salt of the suburbs, the mother next door who runs the soccer league, serves on the library board, and in her spare time pushes for a school bond.

Look at C-Span and you won't see many like her in the nation's House.

Given the demise of an aristocrat like Duke, that might be her strongest suit."

Check out the feedback over at the Daily Kos relative to the Busby buzz.

Paul Hackett's campaign in Ohio combined with an aggressive Democratic Party, committed to contesting every seat in Congress, give energy to Busby's quest. And, a corrupt, overreaching Republican Party has opened the door for a breath of fresh air in Congress.