Saturday, August 06, 2005

Wanted for Murder

Wanted for Murder:
George W. Bush

Where is the outrage?

"ONE OF the great mysteries of the Bush War in Iraq has been the incredible acquiescence of the American people to the unfolding tragedy. There is a seemingly passive acceptance of the conflict-without-end. Some have called the unquestioning silent assent obscene."

A war based on criminal negligence in its planning and execution. A complete failure to provide sufficient numbers of soldiers to safely accomplish their mission. Inadequate planning and flawed execution. Failure to provide enough equipment, of the right type, to protect our soldiers. Not negligence.... no it was and is a complete lack of concern for the deaths and sacrifice. They are of no consequence to Bush.

All of this and more.............Met with silence.

"Where, in God's name, is the outrage? Where are the protests in the streets against a government that has lied to its citizens and taken them for everything they hold dear?"

Bush lied and continues to lie. The war was about power. The political power to drive his agenda forward in this country. Our loved ones are dying so Bush can cling to sufficient power to do the bidding of his right wing friends and financiers. Our children are dying in the service of neocon fantasies dreamed up by "chickenhawks" who never served one minute in the defense of this country or its Constitution.

"The reason over 1,800 young Americans have died in Iraq and 12,000 plus have been grievously wounded is hard to pin down. The Bush Administration has changed it several times.

First it was about saving the world from deadly weapons of mass destruction.

Then it was about liberating people. Then it was about spreading democracy. Then it was about fighting terrorists over there so we wouldn't have to fight them over here.

Then it was about keeping the peace in a land of violent convulsions where friend and foe are indistinguishable, while we wait for a constitution to be written, approved, and rooted. But it's a horrible pipe dream floated by the administration that keeps springing leaks and taking American lives."

Death for no purpose other than political power. Immorality piled on immorality. A house of lies to protect a murderer.

Where is the outrage?