Thursday, July 07, 2005

Neighborly Advice

One of Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham's former Del Mar neighbors has some advice for the Duke. "Do the Right Thing," (scroll down the UT Letters section) encourages Bill Leonard, an avowed Republican and former Navy pilot, who says the following about the sale of Duke's Del Mar home to Mitchell Wade:

...I have also been a Mercado Drive [Duke's Del Mar 'hood] homeowner for 31 years, a 33-year real estate professional, and a real estate appraisal reviewer. There is no question as to the sweet deal he got on the Mercado sale....
Leonard is even more critical of the deal Duke cut for his boat the Kelly C to convicted New York scam artist, Thomas Kontogiannis:
It is so odiferous that I had to place the paper "downwind" just to read the article.
Mr. Leonard's advice to the Duke:
Do the right thing and display the "honor" that has heretofore been part of your rhetoric, and retire from Congress ASAP.
When a stalwart representative of Congressman Cunningham's base (Republican, veteran, local business professional) publicly steps forward and calls on Cunningham to retire NOW, what hope does the Duke have to hold onto that base?