Monday, July 03, 2006

Words Have Power is One Year Old Today!

One year ago today, the first post went up on Words Have Power. That was 751 posts ago. WHP started, in part, as a response to the Cunningham scandal and just kept going.

Lately, I've been struck by a big of blog fatigue. One year ago, I started this blog to help get rid of Randy "Duke" Cunningham and do something about getting honest representative govenment reestablished in the 50th congressional district. Well, Cunningham is in jail, but as far as honest congressional representation..........not so much.

Convicted Republican felon Cunningham has been replaced by a Republican who is just as corrupt as Cunningham, but not as stupid. Brian Bilbray is a career Republican politician (read crook), who became a lobbyist when he was tossed out of his South Bay district in San Diego County. Bilbray, who never lived in the 50th district, ran his campaign out of downtown San Diego, while lying about living in his mother's home in the district.

And, the brain dead Republicans of the 50th district, enabled by a Democratic Party that could get out of its own way, sent Bilbray to represent me in congress.

Oh well.....Guess we just have to keep blogging until the right wing nutjobs pry my cold dead fingers off my keyboard.