Tuesday, April 11, 2006

CA-50 Precinct Watch

Not much shaking yet in the special election. As projected, turnout at the polls is low, but one third of all registered voters requested absentee ballots.

Here are two anecdotal views of two different precincts.

Encinitas - a fight broke out between a poll worker and a voter. No blows, but plenty of stuff thrown around and apparently some spittle (a kaloogie) exchanged. The police and a representative of the registrar of voters were summoned to the scene.

LaCosta - my polling place. When three of us walked it, we were the largest crowd of the day. On our page of the voter rolls, my family's four members were the only voters out of the 15 or so names per page, other pages appeared equally sparsely populated. Of course, everyone else could have voted absentee. The upside, my precinct is even more heavily Republican than the district as a whole, so if Republicans are sitting this one out...............

Polls close in less than two hours.