Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Anger is Bush's Only Emotion

The current Newsweek ponders whether President Bush is feeling any heat from the emerging anti-war movement? Memo to Newsweek: Bush has never felt a human emotion in his life except anger, so your question might more accurately be - how is Bush planning to get even with the anti-war movement?

President Bush's decision to take a break from vacationing in Texas and fly up to Utah and then Idaho to squeeze in a couple of speeches before friendly audiences certainly indicates a growing White House concern over the anti-war movement.

"For a White House that professes to not care about polls, Bush’s advisers are concerned, which is why the public will see more of the president than usual during the final weeks of his month-long Texas sojourn. There will be slight tweaks in Bush’s language about the war, administration officials say, including a more somber message on the enemy the U.S. faces."

Tweaking the language and more somber (another word would be honest) assessments of the insurgency. That's the ticket. There certainly won't be any introspection or study given to how Bush and his cronies got our country into this mess, nor are we likely to see the emergence of a new Iraqi policy that might lead to a real solution to this disaster.

Of course, there are enemies to be dealt with. The list starts with Chuck Hagel, but there are lots of names, both Republicans and Democrats. We haven't heard the last word on Cindy Sheehan's punishment yet either. Swiftboating didn't work, so what now? An IRS audit? One way trip to Gitmo? As the President is fond of say, "all options are on the table."