Friday, July 08, 2005

"Truth Tour" Update

No, the Howard and Melanie Show (a.k.a. "Truth Tour") hasn't hit the ground ("Green Zone") in Iraq yet, but here is a preview of how our routine daily updates on the tour will look.

First, we'll give the "Honorable" Howard Kaloogian an opportunity to share the "truth" with us. But, as there is no "truth" available today from Howard, I will let David Mack at Blogcritics speak on the "truth's cheerleaders" behalf.

Conservative radio host Mark Williams says: "It's important that we show our fighting men and women as well as the Iraqis that they have our support -- despite what they see on CNN."

Yes, dastardly CNN. How wrong they were to report U.S. casualties, insurgent bombings, the wrongdoings at Abu Ghraib and other news stories. Why don't they tout the Bush-friendly storyline?

OK, we've had a chance to hear from the "truth squad," now let's see what kind of happy, happy news we can find from an actual news organization, that in not named CNN. Let's take a look at Reuters' summary of yesterday's security events in Iraq:

At least 10 mortar rounds fell in a crowded market in central Mosul…A double car bomb killed 18 people and wounded dozens late on Wednesday in Mashru…Around 1,000 protesters clashed with Iraqi police outside Tikrit's police headquarters…Three Baghdad barbers were shot dead by militants on Tuesday in Baghdad…An Iraqi soldier and a civilian were shot and killed as they were driving in a civilian car on Wednesday in the northern Iraqi town of Baiji…

Damn liberal media, how long can they keep making this stuff up?

Finally, since the "Truth Tour" is about the troops, not blindly supporting our glorious leader the President, let's take a look at the message one of those troops is trying to get heard outside of Iraq. Let's see what Leonard Clark has to say.....Whoops, the Army won't quite let Clark get the message out that easily, so we have to turn to a friend of his who is supporting Leonard's effort to tell the truth about what is going on in Iraq. He is something of Leonard's forwarded by Kevin Spidel:

I have extremely important news. The soldiers here are starting to sense the dramatic change in U.S. public opinion about the continued occupation of Iraq. I have kept up to date on what’s going on back in the states (no thanks to the military). I read for the first time that U.S. generals are saying a military solution is no longer possible here…

Please, whatever you do don’t stop the fight because these hypocrites are on the verge of collapse. If we can save just one more American soldier’s life then it will have been worth it. The American public is on the verge of going against this lunatic occupation.

Another, liberal traitor. I'm sure Howard will be driving the "Truth Tour" bus over to see Leonard and set up a round of interviews or torture (although spending much time with Howard's crew must be torture).

I'll keep you posted as the "truth" emerges.