Thursday, July 28, 2005

Lies and Liars

Bush Lied, People Died
Who Is the Third Stooge?

The Washington Post today updates the story of its reporter, Walter Pincus, who wrote about his encounter with a third Bush Administration official in July of 2003. So far two senior level White House officials, Carl Rove and Scooter (love that name) Libby have been implicated in the outing of Valerie Wilson (Plame), a covert CIA operative.

Pincus reports that a third White House official encourage him to write a story to counter claims made by Joseph Wilson in his just published NY Times op-ed piece debunking claims made by President Bush regarding Iraqi attempts to buy uranium in Niger.

"Mr. Pincus says, 'an administration official, who was talking to me confidentially about a matter involving alleged Iraqi nuclear activities, veered off the precise matter we were discussing and told me that the White House had not paid attention' to the trip to Niger by Joseph C. Wilson IV 'because it was a boondoggle arranged by his wife, an analyst with the agency who was working on weapons of mass destruction.'"

How much more evidence is necessary to demonstrate that there was an organized White House conspiracy to attack Wilson's credibility. An attack by men who had no regard for the damage their actions would do to a covert agent, the cover company that she used or other covert agents with whom she worked?

How much more evidence is necessary to demonstrate the near complete accuracy of the Downing Street memos regarding the fixing of intelligence around a course of action already decided? Decided by men who continue to send America's finest off to die in a war that appears to be nothing more than a political campaign strategy designed to keep President Bush and his Republican enablers in Congress in power.