Tuesday, June 06, 2006

GOP GOTV for Bilbray

Conservative Jon Fleischman explains why lobbyist Brian Bilbray is having so much trouble gaining traction in the heavily Republican 50th CD and why he needs so much help from his pals in Washington to convince voters in the district to vote for him.
National Republicans have already had to plow over FIVE MILLION DOLLARS into this race, and literally fly in 165 staffers and such from DC to get-out-the-vote. Which makes sense, as all of the candidates with real grassroots support in the district (you know, the ones who ran to CHANGE the direction of the Republican Congress) lost in a massively divided GOP primary, giving us Bilbray, a figurehead for the status quo. Then again, if the candidate moved to the district from the DC suburbs to run, it makes sense that his GOTV team also be from the beltway. Ridiculous.
If Fleischman can spot that Bilbray is as phony as a $3 bill, what do you think the odds are that voters in the district will be able to draw the same distinction?

After all the voted for Duke Cunningham every two years for over a decade.