Sunday, February 19, 2006

We Don't Deserve Dick Cheney

Frankly, no democratic nation deserves to be led by someone like Dick Cheney. Newsweek opens the door a crack and let's us look into the world of Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney's America is not the one envisioned by our Founding Fathers. It is far more like the world against which they rebelled.
Has he been transformed, warped, perhaps corrupted—by stress, wealth, aging, illness, the real terrors of the world or possibly some inner goblins? The few who know him (and few really do) aren't saying much, except to argue that he takes a longer view than the mean politics of the moment. But there is no doubt that Cheney has become less amiable, less open, less willing to conciliate and seek common ground than he was as a younger politician. A man who was shepherded by the Secret Service to his bunker during 9/11 has stayed there—even when that has not been helpful to the president.

[...] 1995, Cheney became CEO of Halliburton Co., the giant military contractor. He entered the exclusive preserve of very rich men who could, by and large, get their way. The new role suited Cheney. He began going on frequent hunting trips, partaking of a sport he had enjoyed since youth. (His partners in recent years have included various tycoons and sports heroes including oilman T. Boone Pickens and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach.) He flew around on corporate jets; aides and retainers attended to his whims. His political ties were to True Believer conservatives...
Rich, secretive, true believer. A man who believes in the undiluted power of the imperial presidency. A man who places himself and above the law and has no problem with spying on Americans and torturing anyone he damn well pleases. Yes, that's what American needs.