Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Republicans Hate Conservation

Down With Tyranny has an excellent post up concerning Republicans and the environment. Specifically, the poor environmental record of state senator Bill Morrow, who is running against Democrat Francine Busby for Duke Cunningham's seat in the CA-50.
Meanwhile, today's NORTH COUNTY TIMES, the local newspaper for the 50th Congressional District, has a pathetic report on the environmental records of the Republicans in the area. Conservationists in California are particularly unhappy with the extreme right-wing state senator from Oceanside, Bill Morrow, who is running against Busby. He had a grade of just 4 out of 100-- even worse than Pombo's!!! According to Rico Mastrodonato of the California League of Conservation Voters, "from an environmental perspective, we get very little support from representatives in that area."
Morrow is just another Pombo Republican. Hates the environment and anything or anyone who might actually consider conserving and protecting it.