Thursday, January 12, 2006

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry

It is getting to be nearly impossible for a Republican to get any press about his or her ethical lapses. The pace of disclosure is so rapid, that no one can stay in the spotlight long enough. Back in December, the San Diego Union Tribune took a close look at Lewis' relationship with ethically challenged (convictions count) lobbyist and former Congressman, Bill Lowery.

We wrote about the story at the time and expected that Lewis, who is up to his neck in the Cunningham scandal, was going to have a hard time with the scrutiny. Then came the Abramoff plea deal and poor Jerry couldn't get the time of day for his piddling little scam.

Well, the good folks at Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) have gone and filled an ethics complaint against Congressman Lewis. I think the CREW crew is outstanding, but I'm not sure that anyone is listening to them when they generate their complaints. They demanded action from Congress in the Cunningham bribery case and were ignored by the entire Democratic leadership of Congress as well as every Republican.

Still, keep at it CREW. It does matter.